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If your company or organization offers art, cooking, language, and related classes or workshops for adults and/or teens and children, list them now on LearnRover. To sign up for an account for managing your facility's courses, fill out and submit this form.

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Is it free to list in LearnRover? Yes, for the first 6 months, it is 100% free! Thereafter, there's a monthly fee if you choose to continue showing your courses in LearnRover. More below.

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Important: Please fill out the form accurately, so that we can contact you if necessary. When you submit this form, an email is sent to you to let you know we have received your application. We will review your application and make best efforts to get back to you within 3 business days (usually sooner) if your organization and its courses are approved for LearnRover at this time. To facilitate review, please use an email connected to your facility's website domain, and a phone number belonging to your organization.

6 Months Free Trial, then Optional Subscription

If approved*, listing your courses on LearnRover is free for the first 6 months, from the date of signup.

After that, if you decide you'd like to keep your classes on LearnRover, there's a monthly subscription fee, based on the plan you determine is best for your organization. If you opt to subscribe, all your active upcoming class sections will continue to display on LearnRover, as well as new classes you add during the subscription term, assuming your plan supports that many classes. For more information on our affordable subscription plans, view Subscription Plans after login from the Course Manager Dashboard, once your admin account is approved (plans start as low as $14.95 USD per month, effective until March 31, 2021).

If you prefer not to continue using LearnRover after the initial free trial, your courses are inactivated and not displayed in LearnRover. You can re-activate at a later time by purchasing a subscription.

We do not ask for your credit card on this form, nor when you activate your account after it's been approved on our end. The free trial is for you to try LearnRover and find out if it is helpful to your organization.

LearnRover does not enable visitors to sign up for your courses through our website. Visitors can sign up through your website (or via whatever means your facility uses) based on the links/info you provide on your class listings. Consequently, we take no commission or fee for class signup.

* Note: Both the free trial and paid subscription are available only if your organization is approved for LearnRover. This free trial offer is valid until October 31, 2020: to take advantage, sign up by October 31, 2020.