Login Issues

Please review the list below to determine possible reasons and solutions.

Did you register as a Course Provider?

The first step to becoming a course manager at LearnRover is to sign up your organization for an account. If you've not registered yet, and your company provides courses applicable to LearnRover, sign up now.

Did you receive the account activation email?

After you signup, it can take between 1 to 3 business days for us to review your information. If, after review, your account is approved, an email is sent with the Subject similar to LearnRover Account Activation Confirmation.

You need to click the activation link contained in that email to make your account active. Once that's done, you can sign in.

Note: When you sign up, an auto-generated email is sent, to let you know your sign up was received. That email does not contain an activation link.

Did you forget password?

If you've forgotten your password, use the forgot password form.

Did you forget member id?

If you forgot your member id, use the forgot member id form.

Email To You

When you first sign up, emails are sent to the email address you specified on the registration form.

Once your account is activated, emails are sent to the primary email on your account, so long as the email is confirmed. That is, if you change the email, an activation link is sent to that new email to make it active.

Email From Us

Emails are sent from learnrover.com. You should make sure your email account does not have restrictions preventing our email from being received. Also, our email may have been received in an alternate inbox folder (such as "Bulk"), so also check alternate folders.

Still having a problem logging onto LearnRover? Please contact us with a description of the problem. Include your member id and the email address you used when registering.