About LearnRover

Binfinity Web Inc. is a technology and publishing company. While LearnRover is new, released in late 2021, bInfinity is not. Many of our websites have been online since the early 2000s, used by tens of millions across the globe, often daily. PhotoPottery.com and WhenMyBaby.com are examples of two of our web properties.

LearnRover became an idea several years ago, after not being able to easily find a very specific art course. Finally, after way too much searching, the class was found. Of the 12 seats available, only 4 were taken. Luckily, the class ran because it was superb, exceeding expectations: in depth, and taught by an extremely knowledgeable hands-on instructor at a world-class facility.

The idea of LearnRover strengthened on reflecting back on the many courses taken over the past decade+ which similarly were not near capacity, occasionally having the minimum enrollment. In the past 5 years alone, several classes signed up for were cancelled due to lack of enrollment. And that's a lose-lose for all involved: the student interested in the course, the talented instructor who has so much to share, and, of course, the facility which makes it all possible.

LearnRover is a free service by which you can further spread the word about your courses. You can start by listing your harder to fill classes, adding more over time. Post as much information as you would like, including photos, with our self-service power tools.

We are not a class broker and are not involved in the sign-up process; Instead, you setup the connection on your listing, so the student can sign up using your usual method (e.g. via your website).

With years of extensive experience promoting our online digital tools, we're excited to build LearnRover into a destination where those that love to learn, and those seeking a place to do what they love, can easily find classes that match their interest and skill levels and, ultimately, connect to your facility if you are offering those courses.

Sign up now to become a course provider on LearnRover.com and get added exposure to your organization and its classes, which can help fill more seats, a total win for you, your instructors, and, of course, new students who find your classes.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting LearnRover.